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Concessional Licences

The Porsche Club of Western Australia has been approved by the Department of Transport as a car club through which concessional licensing (code 404) of older vehicles can be arranged. The club maintains a register of such vehicles and the Club Secretary manages this process.

The conditions of what is required of the Club and what individuals responsibilities are as a vehicle owner on Code 404 are kindly provided by the Council of Motoring Clubs and are identified in the Concessional Licence Code 404 Information Booklet.

Please spare the time and make the effort to familiarise yourself with them. As the owner of the vehicle, the onus is on you to ensure your vehicle remains compliant whilst concessionally licenced. This includes keeping it unmodified and remaining a financial member of the club.

The following attachments provide the current PCWA process for obtaining a Concessional Licence and Single Car Impromptu Runs, together with relevant Department of Transport and Council of Motoring Clubs’ documents outlining conditions of the concession.

  1. Porsche Club Western Australia Concessional Licence Guidance Notes (140 KB)
  2. Concessional Licence Code 404 Information Booklet (691 KB)
  3. Department of Transport – Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Certification of Financial Membership and Vehicle Compliance (CMC1) Form (141 KB)
  5. Veteran/Vintage/Post Vintage/Invitation Class Vehicle Licence Concession Application (E81) form (176 KB)
  6. Application for Assessment of a Unique/Historic Vehicle (CMC2) Form (194 KB)

All queries related to concessional licensing, including how to obtain a concessional licence for a vehicle should be directed to the Club Secretary at

Any changes to the status or registration number of a vehicle which is currently concessionally registered should also be directed to the Club Secretary.

Note that Club Membership fees MUST be paid for concessional licences to remain valid – there is NO GRACE PERIOD.

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