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2023 Sport Series Rules: PCWA Sports Series Rules 2023

The Porsche Club of WA is affiliated and operates under the auspices of Motorsport Australia.

If you wish to compete in the Sports Series, please ensure that you download and fill in the PCWA Sports Series Vehicle Disclosure Form and return it to ASAP (or bring it along to your first track event, club meeting etc). There is no cost to enter the series!

Please note, as long as you have the requisite safety equipment (please see "How to join PCWA Sports Series" for details) and a Level 2 Speed licence (which can be purchased online), members are welcome to come along to any round and drive their Porsche on the track in a controlled environment, even if you do not wish to compete in the sports series.


Sports Series Results

Round results will be listed here as soon as possible after each round is completed.

SSR1 Times: Wanneroo Raceway  (Added 28/02/2023)
SSR2 Times: Wanneroo Raceway  (Added 21/03/2023)
SSR3 Times: Wanneroo Raceway  (Added 30/05/2023)
SSR4 Times: Wanneroo Raceway  (Added 26/06/2023)
SSR5 Times:  Midvale Speed Dome (1) (2)  (Added 31/07/2023)
SSR6 Times:  Jacks Hill  (Added 22/08/2023)

Sports Series Standings

Please note: Competitors must complete 3 rounds before points are accumulated. All results are provisional and subject to change.

Standings after SSR3  (Updated 30/05/2023)
Standings after SSR4  (Updated 26/06/2023)
Standings after SSR5  (Updated 31/07/2023)
Standings after SSR6  (Updated 22/08/2023)


Class, Club and Outright Championship Standings

Please note: Competitors must complete 3 rounds before points are accumulated. All results are provisional and subject to change.

Class Championship  (Updated (22/08/2023)
Club Championship  (Updated (22/08/2023)
Outright Championship  (Updated (22/08/2023)


2022 Competitor List:

Count Surname Firstname Year Model
1 Manku Davinder 2018 911 GT2RS
2 Malhi Emranjeet 2018 911 GT3RS
3 Bathe Daniel 2021 Cayman GT4
4 Baxter David 2021 Cayman GT4
5 Bird Brad 2001 911 GT2RS (Replica)
6 Barnes Richard 2012 911 S
7 Mocanu Alan 2005 Boxster
8 Strickland Colin 2005 Boxster S
9 Broughton Michael 2003 911 GT3
10 Craig Brandon ? 911
11 Minton Caroline 2003 Boxster S
12 Oplaat Gerrit 1998 911
13 Bernhardt Roger 2005 911 4S
14 Brash Peter 2014 Cayman
15 Boccardo Nick ?/2003

Boxster/911 GT3

16 Del Borrello Garry 2022 911 GTS
17 Ong Gerald 2013 911 S
18 Guelfi Mike ? 944 (Supercharged)
19 Power Mark 2015 Cayman
20 Leong Kim 2021 911 S
21 Nikolic Aleks 2005 911 4S